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2012 Project Partners: Redlands Christian Migrant Association, Ignite Church, UF/Shands Mobile Outreach Clinic.

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Informing, Modeling and Practicing Early Breast Cancer Detection

Many Hispanic women are neither taught, nor practice the breast self-exam. As early detection is critical to survival and Hispanic Immigrant women often lack health insurance or access to clinics, early breast cancer detection education is critical to diminishing historic late entry to care.

Using a Participatory Action Research approach, the RWHP has refined this early breast cancer detection intervention to meet the needs of the target community. the results have been the replication of CNS with promotora de salud programs, churches and health clinics. The foundation of the CNS breast health program is to:

  • raise awareness
  • modeling the steps of the breast self-exam
  • encourage regular detection screenings
  • offer navigation and access to resources


In 2012 Creando Nuestra Salud was a collaborative promotor de salud program in North Central Florida focusing on early breast cancer detection for Hispanic women. This effort involved 5 partners, 46 promotores and served 1200 Hispanic women.


Impact outcome of CNS were presented at the 2012 APHA National Meeting at a cancer and communities in disparity round table.


In 2011, CNS has it greatest impact. This overview highlights findings from outreach to 1200 women in North Central Florida.


Research findings on the development of the CNS intervention were presented at the 2007 APHA National meeting at a cancer round table.


The impact of lay health workers in the research and implementation of the CNS intervention are described in this scientific poster presented at various regional scientific meetings.