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Project SALUD Description

Project S.A.L.U.D.

Project S.A.L.U.D. builds community assets to reverse the factors that create health disparities in immigrant communities. S.A.L.U.D. uses Promotores de Salud as a critical part of the strategy to increase health literacy, improve linkage to care and to engage community members in activities to improve wellbeing.

Project SALUD Members

Two Communities, Two Opportunities

Project S.A.L.U.D. - El Sur (The South)

Partnering with El Sol Jupiter's Neighborhood Center in Palm Beach County, 10 promotores (male and female lay-health workers) carry out bi-monthly campaigns. These campaigns are based on a 2012 community health assessment carried out by the RWHP and SALUD promotores.

Each promotor takes the campaign message and materials into the homes, churches and workplaces of friends, neightbors and peers to spread prevention messaging and navigation to care.

SALUD supports Jupiter's MyClinic, a program providing primary care, referrals and dental care to the uninsured.

Project S.A.L.U.D. - El Norte (The North)

In 2012, SALUD, initially partnering with Redlands Christian Migrant Association (RCMA) in Marion County, promotores and center staff were capacitated to offer health presentations to groups and individuals.

Since then, SALUD works with the Ocala Farm Ministry, Marion County Migrant Education, the Mexican Consulate in Orlando and other partners. We seek to increase health literacy within the Latino community and integrate health programming throughout the county.

In 2016, joining the Measure Up Marion Board, SALUD works to address concerns about chronic illness and to improve access challenges faced by the communtiy.

Project S.A.L.U.D. Materials

En Camino Hacia la Clinica Cover
En Camino Hacia la Clinica

En Camino Hacia la Clinica outlines 9 tips to taking full advantage of clinical services. From making an appointment to refilling prescriptions by phone, the key messages are presented in fotonovela-style with messages from providers and community members.

Loteria Materials
Contra los vientos

The “Contra los vientos” Bingo is a family game that is fun to play, but also teaches safety steps that the family can take when there is a hurricane or strong storm alert.

Sponsors and Funders

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