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Salir Adelante

Salir Adelante is a health and leadership initiative designed to strengthen Latina women’s capacity to identify and address health barriers. It centers around a Participatory Action approach, in which the community co-facilitates research and advocacy strategies to create change through collective inquiry.

With this initiative we aim to use Latina-led recommendations and insights to drive local policy change, while fostering the skills of emerging leaders.

Outcomes of this initiative include:

  • Community assessment of barriers and facilitators of health access
  • Policy Briefs to reflect assessment findings
  • Media materials developed by Young Leaders

Key Topic Areas

Women's Health

Family Separation

Mixed Legal Status Households

Gender-based Violence

Migration Trauma

To see our preliminary analyses click here
A Special Thank You to our Partners and Collaborators!
  • Marion County Migrant Education
  • Multi-county Migrant Education
  • Madres Sin Fronteras
  • Iglesia Bautista
  • RWHP promotoras de salud
  • Williston Elementary ESOL Para-professionals