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Using participatory action research approaches, the RWHP uses a variety of strategies as part of our community campaigns,
mobilizations and material development projects. We have written extensively on issues pertaining to popular health education and our research projects.

Download a copy of one of our scientific papers to learn more about our approach.


Our Latest paper

Promotores as Researchers: Expanding the Promotor Role in Community-Based Research
Health Promotion Practice | March 22, 2011

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Topic: Promotores

Our Research Papers

Eliciting behavior change in a US sexual violence
and intimate partner violence prevention program
through utilization of Freire and discussion facilitation.

Health Promotion International, Oxford Journals | April 28, 2010

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Topic: Sexual Violence

Entre Nosotras: Mexican Immigrant Women in Rural
Florida Advancing the Prevention of HIV/AIDS.
Anecdotes from the Entre Nosotras Project

White paper | March 25, 2010
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Breast Cancer

Creando Nuestra Salud (Creating Our Health) -
Results and Findings from a Breast Cancer
Education Program with Rural Hispanic Women

Florida Public Health Review | October 3, 2008

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Topic: Breast Cancer

Tell A Church - Lessons Learned from a
Church-based Tuberculosis Health Education Program

Florida Public Health Review | Aug. 7, 2008

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Topic: Tuberculosis

Creando Nuestra Salud: Breaking down internal
barriers to breast health among Spanish-speaking,
Hispanic women in Florida and Kentucky

APHA presentation | 20078

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Topic: Breast Cancer