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RWHP lay-health (Florida Promotor  Initiative)

The RWHP recognizes that lay-health workers are the bridge between community and service providers in areas most affected by disparities in health and education. Known by many names: promotores, peer educators and community health workers, Lay-health workers are community members who feel moved to serve their community.  Once trained, they strengthen the well-being of their community and personally grow through increased education, community service and leadership development.

Each FPI Program follows a 7-point protocol:

  1. Each project is designed with community partners.
  2. Members of the community help develop the health messages.
  3. Lay-health workers serve as agents for community education.
  4. Local providers and social service groups prepare for potential referrals.
  5. Spanish-language Resources Guides are distributed.
  6. Site Coordinators are trained to facilitate outreach services to build community involvement and inform community members about services.
  7. Outreach approaches include: home visits, community events, fairs and meetings.

We celebrate and acknowledge the incredible outreach of our promotores (lay-health workers). Since 2004, more than 11,000 educational contacts have been completed throughout Florida, addressing health issues ranging from diabetes to early breast cancer detection. Click the image to view our promotor success!