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This poster was presented at the 2013 Florida Community Health Worker Coalition 3rd Annual Summit. Click the image to enlarge.

A Mi Alcance (within my reach)

A Mi Alcance (Within My Reach)- This program is the RWHP’s response to the disparities in chronic illness (diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol and heart disease) experienced by Latino Hispanic communities.  Grounded in a focus on achievable goals, A Mi Alcance addresses these health topics:

  • Healthy weight
  • Good nutrition
  • Chronic illness
  • Reading food labels
  • Bridging to care

A Mi Alcance focuses on disseminating relevant health information into communities via two distinct methods: Alcance Community Outreach and the Alcance lay-health worker Campaign. The Alcance Campaign aspect of the program was implemented in the summer of 2013 in Lake County, Florida.  Capacitating 15 lay-health workers from the Lake County Community Health Workers Program, over 600 face to face orientaciones were made during the three-month campaign period. This aspect of the program has been evaluated and its success is outlined in the A Mi Alcance research poster (insert link) presented at the 2013 Florida Community Health Worker Coalition 3rd Annual Summit.

The Community Outreach aspect of the Alcance program is currently being implemented in Alachua and Levy counties in the form of group meetings, as opposed to one-on-one outreach. The benefits of community meetings is under evaluation as the RWHP merges the community outreach into their education programming in North Central Florida immigrant communities.

Lay health worker Campaign
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